Club Fees

Updated 05/01/20

Initiation Fee*
The Most Current information regarding initiation fees can be obtained from Rick Morgan, General Manager

Transfer Fee*
When a membership is sold, a transfer fee is payable to the Club by the seller. The transfer fee is equal to 50% of the actual selling price, or a minimum amount established by the Board of Directors, whichever is greater.

Monthly Dues* - May 2020
Family Proprietary Golf Membership: $538.00, Non- Proprietary Individual: $438.00 (unavailable), Non-Proprietary Social: $84.00 Sport Social : $225.00, Young Professional: (21-29) $323.00 (30-39) $389.00

Capital Replacement Fee
Capital Replacement Fee of $36.00 is billed monthly.

Proprietary, Individual and Social Memberships must spend $200.00 per quarter on food and beverage, or their account will be billed the difference. Young Professional memberships must spend $100.00 per quarter.

Annual Fee*

USGA Golf Course Assessment Fee of $180.00 is billed annually in March.

Proprietary Members and their spouses or domestic partners shall be included in the Hole-In-One Club. Every proprietary membership shall be charged $1.00 per month on their membership account. Any proprietary member not desiring to be part of the Hole-In-One Club may opt out by contacting the office and advising withdrawal from the program. Nonproprietary members entitled to play golf may opt to join the Hole-In-One Club.

Club Care/Storage
$15.00 per month. Club care is billed monthly, in advance.

Men and women's regular lockers are $7.00 and men's double lockers are $12.00. Locker fees are billed monthly, in advance.

Shoe Care
$15.00 per month, per person (limited to 5 pairs per day). $3.00 per pair for additional pairs. $5.00 per pair if not on monthly. Spike replacement - $20.00.

On-Course Private Carts (Includes Valet Service)

Off-Course Private Carts



All cart fees are billed monthly, in advance.

Cart Lease (minimum 1-year contract)
Single: $80 per month. Couple:(one cart) $120 per month. Couple (2 carts) $150 per month


Rider Fees

18 holes - $32.00

18 holes - $16.00

9 holes - $16.00

9 holes - $8.00

Green Fees Weekdays (per guest)

Green Fees Weekends & Holidays (per guest)

18 holes - $50.00

18 holes - $65.00

9 holes - $35.00

9 holes - $35.00

All guests must be accompanied by a member.

Annual Range
Proprietary Member and dependents, included in monthly dues. Sport Social members have limited golf access

Current information and rates are available through the Pro Shop.

*Mandatory Charges