"THE 18ers"

Welcome to the website sections for the Valley Hi Country Club Women's Golf Group. (Throughout these pages you may also see our group referred to as "WGG" or
"The 18ers" to distinguish us from "The 9ers", our club's second ladies playing group.)

Even before its official "opening" in June of 1961, Valley Hi Country Club had established an avid Women's Golf Group and, after almost six decades, the focus of the group is
still on promoting fellowship among our members, fostering the game of golf and enjoying fun golf competitions in the company of other like-minded women.
Our Women's Golf Group is a member of the Women's Golf Association of Northern California (WGANC) and the River Valley Team Play League. Membership in WGG and
WGANC provides opportunities to compete in regional tournaments, to play Open Days at other associated country clubs throughout Northern California, and to support junior golf programs.

If you are not yet a member of the Valley Hi Country Club Women's Golf Group, please take time to explore the information on these pages. If you would like more
information, please do not hesitate to contact our Captain.